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 I have the pleasure to be a part of a collective in the works by the Art Academy of Cincinnati’s Community Education as a Project Leader.

The goal is to enhance the Cincinnati region's creative and educational experiences, focusing on Over-the-Rhine, by embracing and supporting creative and interactive projects by local artists, designers, makers, writers, and thinkers.

Project Leaders create an experience for the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, local region, and those needing to collaborate remotely. The work starts by bringing together community members and creating a welcoming environment for collective thinking, discussions, and collaboration to thrive.

The work that we create create will exhibited, shared, distributed, and celebrated at the Art Academy of Cincinnati physically and virtually using social media. It is important to share artistic projects, experiences, and events that remain accessible and free for our community members.

Each project will exist in physical and virtual formats while vibrantly engaging with the community of Over-the-Rhine. Creative Interactions Collective will be organized and coordinated by young adults in the community and offers volunteer positions for youth members.

My Project in progress is titled The Block. The Block is a community-arts yearbook that familiarizes readers with the people and organizations making a positive impact or creative contribution to their community. The Block is designed as a printed and tangible reflection of the past year and includes arts, photography, creative writing, and journalistic documentation. For the 2021 Issue, our neighborhood of focus is Over-the-Rhine.

Keep an eye out for more updates on this project! ;)


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