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In 2019-2020, CCAD Juniors and myself included, alongside She Has a Name, a local educator and trainer for volunteers on the topic of human trafficking, started Survivor Care Alliance, a space for designing and sharing communication media with anti-human trafficking services that may be in need.

Within this space, we were offered the privilege to be a part of one of Columbus Municipal Court’s breakout programs, CATCH Court.

*For privacy and safety reasons, photos were mostly not permitted in the courthouse and the work would be in the hands of the Franklin County Municipal Court* 

CATCH (Changing Actions To Change Habits) Court is a specialty docket for women in the system who are victims of Human Trafficking. Our goal was to offer them any service or support that they’d need. We’d go into their meetings every Tuesdays and build relationships with these women. We watched and discussed with them their struggles with battling addiction, job searching, relapsing and adjusting to a newly sober life.


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